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Stanford University Presents

The Workshop on Semiconductor Manufacturing in the Space Domain

Join us in person for the inaugural workshop on March 27-28, 2023, hosted by the School of Engineering.

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Workshop Details

The Workshop on Semiconductor Manufacturing in the Space Domain brings together stakeholders from the semiconductor industry, commercial space station entities, U.S. government agencies, and academic communities to roadmap semiconductor manufacturing in low-Earth orbit (LEO) for the new space economy. This workshop aims to identify the benefits and challenges of semiconductor manufacturing in microgravity through a variety of formats such as oral presentations, poster sessions, and panel discussions. The multidisciplinary blend of subject matter experts provides a unique forum to bridge the gaps necessary to advance semiconductor commercial endeavors in LEO.


This agenda was constructed to enable real-time data collection for the position paper that will be published. For this reason, "debrief" periods will be a part of each session where attendees will contribute to a living document.

March 27, 2023 

Day 1 | The Past and Present Opportunities for Semiconductor Processing in Space

08:30- 09:30
Registration & Refreshments
09:30- 10:40
Opening Remarks

Debbie Senesky, Stanford University

Ajay Malshe, Purdue University

Facilitation Activity
10:40- 11:00
Coffee Break
11:00- 12:15
Session 1 | History of in-space semiconductor work.

Rose Hernandez, ISS National Laboratory

Erik Kulu, Factories in Space

Facilitation Activity
12:15- 13:00
Lunch, sponsored by NASA
13:00- 14:20
Session 2 | What is happening now?

Lynn Harper, NASA + Jessica Frick, Stanford University

Ram Prasad Gandhiraman, Space Foundry

Facilitation Activity
14:20- 14:40
Coffee Break
14:40- 16:00
Session 3 | Demystifying semiconductor device fabrication.

John Chen, Silfex

Michael Heuken, AIXTRON

Mitchell Hsing, Inchfab

Facilitation Activity

March 28, 2023

Day 2 | The Future of Semiconductor Processing in Space

08:30- 09:30
Registration & Refreshments
09:30- 12:00
Session 4 | How do we spend money to make money (in Space)?

Todd Younkin, Semiconductor Research Corporation

Coffee Break

Curtis Hill, NASA

Ioana Cozmuta, G-Space

Facilitation Activity
12:00- 13:00
Lunch, sponsored by Orbital Reef
13:00- 14:20
Session 5 | Leveraging Space for Semiconductor Workforce Development

Dave Williams, The Ohio State University

Panel w/Graduate Students

Facilitation Activity
14:20- 14:40
Coffee Break
14:40- 16:00
Session 6 | Q&A with the future LEO destinations.

Tara Ruttley, Orbital Reef

Ellen Bock, Northrop Grumman

Rachel Clemens, Axiom Space

Michael Holguin, Starlab

Rachel Ormsby, Redwire Space

Alain Berinstain, Space Tango

Facilitation Activity




The workshop will be held in the Mackenzie Room 3rd Floor, Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center, 475 Via Ortega, Stanford, CA.

Mackenzie Room (top floor)

Visitor parking passes must be pre-purchased online. Visitor parking can be found in Via Ortega Garage (Parking Zone #7202) or Roble Field Garage (Parking Zone #7210). 





  • Prof. Debbie Senesky | Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics | Stanford University
  • Jessica Frick, Ph.D. | Research Engineer | Stanford University
  • Jasmine Cox | Ph.D. Candidate in Electrical Engineering | Stanford University
  • Gary Rodrigue, MBA | Principal | ALLBRIGHT Consulting
  • Prof. Roger Howe | William E. Ayer Professor of Electrical Engineering | Stanford University

Please contact the organizers by email with any questions or sponsorship inquiries.